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If you’re looking for residential solutions for your elderly relative, but full assisted living facilities seem too much for them, your next best option may be looking into senior apartments. With a more delicate touch than some of the more involved senior living communities, residents are cared for without being monitored or supervised.

Read here to see if senior apartment living is the right call for your loved one.

What are Senior Apartments?

Also known as senior citizen apartments or independent living apartments, these complexes are a great option for your loved one who doesn’t need any help living but doesn’t want to deal with the more tedious housekeeping tasks.

Senior apartments are on the lighter end of assisted living. Senior apartments are very similar to standard apartment living, but the community is centered on 55+ residents. The apartments can be standard apartment buildings, townhomes, or condos.

The state doesn’t regulate these communities, so costs and amenities may vary. Beyond this, they don’t keep assisted living staff on hand, so residents don’t feel coddled or supervised. If needed, you can employ a personal aid for your loved one.

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Senior Apartments FAQs

The most significant difference is that other types of assisted living facilities have a staff of personnel dedicated to helping residents through various needs like bathing, transportation, and other daily needs. 

Senior apartments are essentially normal living conditions but with a community composed entirely of seniors.

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